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The Smithsonian Folkways Collection

Real voices of real people with real emotion. Much of the collection is freely available and downloadable on iTunesU. As Pete Seeger said … “If you’re ever feeling a little down … listen to what these people have to say!” Music from the heart and soul. And what music! Enjoy.

The Smithsonian Folkways Collection

On … the Isle of … Hope!




Coincidence that this sign, slightly hidden from view, should be posted … on an island called  “Hope.” Maybe instructions for … life?

Savannah Folk … Music!

Now here’s a link that’s worth visitin’ !!


For more about the Wormsloe Plantation, just click here!

Savannah in August

Polk’s Farm Market

Polk's Farm Fresh Market
Polk’s Farm Fresh Market

Pelicanz at Sunrise

Corner of 7th and 2nd


Green on Liberty