Language and Memory Exercises

Language and Memory

“Mem” as in “Memory” as in “re MEM ber”

“It’s on the tip of my tongue…”  “I give up. I just can’t remember … ” “Gee … I just don’t know”

We can’t always access or reach what we’re looking for as quickly – as instantly – as we’d like. The words have, so to speak, “fallen asleep.” Or they’re in hiding. Or they are no longer used to linking. They are no longer actively connected.

They have not disappeared. They have not been erased. They just can’t be recalled. re-call-ed.

The words we can’t find are no longer active …at best, they have become passive. Or latent. This happens to our thinking in both our native and our foreign languages.

The good news is that getting to the latent memory and waking up sleepy vocabularies is a lot of fun and … refreshing. How?

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The Paris Savannah Connection Newsletter: October 15, 2010

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