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some questions and answers …

Q. Is The Paris Savannah Company registered as a French company and can you sign a “Convention de Formation Continue” ?

A. Yes … and Yes.

RCS Paris 508 658 416 00013 NAF 8559A
N° de Déclaration d’Activité de Formation Professionnelle Continue à la DRTEFP : 11 75 43858 75

Q. Are there training sessions in Savannah as well as in Paris?

A. Paris mostly. Online. And we’re now in the planning stages for immersion sessions in Savannah.

Q. How much do you charge?

A.  I’ll answer you precisely and clearly as soon as we can determine your or your company’s needs.

What are your goals? How can I help you? Where? For how long? For how many people? and What are your needs? Do you wish to work in individual sessions or with others in a group?

Generally, we need to define a program, a mission – whether it’s for one person or 50 or more. My solutions are really tailor-made. Everyone’s needs and targets, like their clothes, are individual and specific.

Q. Do you have a specialty?

A. I have a pretty high success rate with people who, for one reason or another, have had a very difficult time learning to understand and express themselves in spoken English.

Q. Do you have a method?

A. Yes, many. It’s called Concept English.  It’s a process to help you activate latent knowledge and skills, acquire new ones, think faster, understand faster and speak more clearly than ever before.

Q. How many students do you have?

A. I can maybe only take on one more …

Q. How long will it take me to get better?

A. Your English will improve immediately. How much and how fast depends on the goals we set and the program you can follow. An important part of my expertise is determining this realistically with you.

One thing is sure: You can’t improve your language skills alone.  Language is highly interactive in all its facets: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Language is dialogue.  Even written!

For more information, please send Mark Levinson a message explaining your needs.

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