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The Last Word: Philip Roth

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The Last Word: Aretha Franklin



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I’m all ears … (I’m listening!)

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Someone will be waiting for you at the airport

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The sooner the better!

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Sarianna’s got something to say …


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Sidney Lumet – The Last Word

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In Burgundy, It’s All About Terroir, by Eric Pfanner and Stefana Russell

By  for the New York Times, Published: September 16, 2011

ALOXE-CORTON, FRANCE — In an 18th-century cellar under his family home in this village in Burgundy, Franck Follin-Arbelet pulls the corks on two of his 2009 red wines. Each comes from a vineyard in Aloxe-Corton. Each has the same quality imprimatur, premier cru. Each was made from the same grape variety, pinot noir.

Read the whole report here.

Watch it  here (a bilingual French/English presentation) >>> Romanée-Conti: It’s All About Terroir – The video
Vineyards in Aloxe-Corton and Pernand-Vergelesses in Burgundy. No other wine-growing region in France takes the idea of terroir as seriously.
Stefania Rousselle

Franck Follin-Arbelet, left, at work in Aloxe-Corton.

Stefania Russell


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The Minimalist: Spicy Shrimp Salad With Mint – by Mark Bittman

Look at this!

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The History of English – The Language of Science