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Mediterranean seascape

Letter from Tom Byrne

Just got this letter from Tom … Enjoy.

Welcome to Paris in the autumn. There’s a chill in the air and the light is slightly more orange. I love the colours and changes which this time of year brings. It’s all too brief but it’s also a charming time to paint outdoors.For art treasure hunters, Paris is teeming at the moment. The portes ouvert of Montreuil are this weekend. I went to see some ateliers last night and it’s extremely interesting when you know where to go.Next weekend is the Fiac. The contemporary art fair which is spread around Paris but which is centred in the Grand palais. Naturally, a great many other things happen around that. So there will be very many art visitors in Paris for these events. Some other art exhibitions which happen around the FIAC are listed below.While you are in Paris, you could visit the DDG gallery. Here you will find more classical paintings of great quality. Some of the best landscape and urban painters in France, contained in a gallery on the ile Saint Louis. If you mention this newsletter you will have a 5% reduction on any art that you purchase there.I will be at the gallery from Tuesday to Wednesday this week.
All the best to you
Tom J. Byrne



In Burgundy, It’s All About Terroir, by Eric Pfanner and Stefana Russell

By  for the New York Times, Published: September 16, 2011

ALOXE-CORTON, FRANCE — In an 18th-century cellar under his family home in this village in Burgundy, Franck Follin-Arbelet pulls the corks on two of his 2009 red wines. Each comes from a vineyard in Aloxe-Corton. Each has the same quality imprimatur, premier cru. Each was made from the same grape variety, pinot noir.

Read the whole report here.

Watch it  here (a bilingual French/English presentation) >>> Romanée-Conti: It’s All About Terroir – The video
Vineyards in Aloxe-Corton and Pernand-Vergelesses in Burgundy. No other wine-growing region in France takes the idea of terroir as seriously.
Stefania Rousselle

Franck Follin-Arbelet, left, at work in Aloxe-Corton.

Stefania Russell


Piano Battle

A word to music lovers (and especially opera fans) … if you can!!

Jean François Zygel is giving his monthly “Lesson” at the Chatelet this Wednedsay, October 27. This week he will be talking and playing and introducing “Don Giovanni.”

Here’s a contest from earlier this year. The selection below is the first of 15. You can see and hear the others by clicking on the thumbnail screens at the bottom of the video. Enjoy!

Eleanor Bearsdley on NPR: Audio Report Impressionism in Normandy

From NPR (National Public Radio) by Eleanor Beardsley May 6, 2010

Normandy is considered the birthplace of the 19th century impressionist movement. And from now through the summer, French cities and towns across the region are celebrating the impressionists in a series of activities including art exhibits and concerts.

Read and Listen!

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Favoritz: In Paris for cheese.

It’s a bright and sunny Saturday morning here in Paris. I was going out to the bakery to get a fresh baguette for my daughter’s breakfast when I saw my neighbor A. on his bicycle.

“Good morning, A.”

“Good morning, Mark”

and after a few words, A. let me in on a secret …

I’m on my way for some cheese … My favorite place in Paris for cheese … is Dubois, A. said.

You know that the word for cheese in French is “fromage” and that a cheese shop is a “fromagerie” … I won’t say anymore …

But to save you a search … Here’s the FIRST Favoritz.

and …

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shorts at … L’Escurial

Where else is the audience invited for a drink and snack at intermission? Where else does the audience vote on the best short film (court-metrage) shown that evening? Only at the Escurial. Bd. Port Royal, Paris 13. M° Gobelins.

Once a month, a dozen shorts are shown on a given theme.

L’Escurial Panorama est la seule et dernière salle indépendante classée Art et Essai du 13ème Arrondissement et aussi l’une des plus anciennes (création en 1911).

Ce lieu est né sous une bonne étoile : dans les années 1980, après avoir longtemps été la propriété du cinéaste Jean Gourguet, il est sauvé de la transformation en supermarché grâce à la volonté de jeunes fous de cinéma. Cette équipe, qui ne connaît rien à l’exploitation mais tout sur les films, fait de cette salle le lieu du cinéma à la carte avec vingt films par semaine et des nuits entières consacrées aux stars que sont Brigitte Bardot ou Marlon Brando. La fréquentation est multipliée par trois et le succès est si rapide qu’une deuxième salle est construite dans l’ancien balcon.

La programmation de l’Escurial permet de faire découvrir au public un cinéma de qualité soutenu par une politique d’animation très forte. Depuis 2002, ” les soirées courts-métrages ” de l’Escurial vous permettent de voir des chefs d’œuvre au format court, dans une ambiance bon enfant et décontractée, le dernier mardi de chaque mois. Deux fois par mois sont également organisées des projections de documentaires le dimanche matin, suivies de débats.

Ce cinéma au destin étonnant incarne la persistance des salles de quartier à la programmation exigeante. Pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas, l’essayer, c’est l’adopter !

Link to the Escurial.

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