Language Coaching

Language coaching is a term which normally refers to English language learning and teaching but with a special emphasis on a coach encouraging learner independence in higher-level learners of the language. As a greater proportion of the globalised world uses English as a lingua franca, there are also greater numbers of competent users of English who benefit more from a coach providing language support than a teacher in the traditional sense. In a globalised world, English communication and personal success are increasingly interdependent and thus language coaching has aspects in common with life coaching.

  • If you’d like to build a strong, active and dynamic vocabulary;  if you are a demanding professionnal whose English isn’t so bad … but still isn’t quite good enough … and if you need to speak, explain, convince, influence and inspireI can help you.

  • One-to-one Language Coaching adresses your unique needs by appointment. I can help you build a richer vocabulary, help you think clearer and faster,  help you to speak more fluently, more accurately.  In English or in French. Very quickly.
  • If you need to write for the web, email or reports; if you need your work proofread,  the Paris Savannah Company  offers professional Language Assistance.  We act together to achieve results. Tangible, readable results.
  • If you need to improve your fluency,  I am now setting up trans-Atlantic online video conferencing pronunciation or conversation sessions.  This is one aspect of …. the Paris Savannah Connection. English or French.

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