Language Coaching

Language coaching is a term which normally refers to English language learning and teaching but with a special emphasis on a coach encouraging learner independence in higher-level learners of the language. 

— If you’d like to build a strong, active and dynamic vocabulary;  if you are a demanding professionnal whose English isn’t so bad … but still isn’t quite good enough … and if you need to speak, explain, convince, influence and inspireI can help you.

— One-to-one Language Coaching adresses your unique needs by appointment. I can help you build a richer vocabulary, help you think clearer and faster,  help you to speak more fluently, more accurately.  In English or in French. Very quickly.

— If you need to write for the web, email or reports; if you need your work proofread,  the Paris Savannah Company  offers professional Language Assistance.  We act together to achieve results. Tangible, readable results.

For more,  contact Mark at 06 75 12 85 55.

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