Good Words


Good Words is a gift book for all ages. A 132-page creation of positive words, true words, loving words, sensitive and empathetic words, proverbs and sayings against a background of colors, shapes and textures — A gift book for art and language lovers!

I love it. Elegant, cheerful … a big ray of sun that warms the heart. To be offered without hesitation”  – Martine Gercault, psychoanalyst

Charming, thoughtful, bright and a treat  Michèle Brothers, AARO

A deep breath of optimism and kindness for every day!” – Cécile Urbejtel, English teacher, Versailles

A bouquet of happy words … gorgeous, … sublime … positivity … This book seems to dance in your hands. … read this book and experience the magic for yourself.”

Just holding this book is a joy; the cover is a bouquet of happy words in gorgeous, zesty hues inviting you to come take a peek inside. Once within, the amazing graphics and sublime positivity burst forth with each turn of the page. Innovative patterns and homey, familiar phrases combine, almost daring you not to smile. This book seems to dance in your hands. As you turn the pages you feel better and better, and happier and happier. I’m not sure why this is, or what alchemy has been achieved therein. All I can say is that you must buy this book and experience the magic for yourself. Words, as we are so well aware, can tear down, or build up. Words can save lives, give hope, mend fences, feed the soul. “Good Words” captures the very essence of how the English language can transform 365 days a year. Give it to all whom you treasure and hold dear. And anyone in need of a buoyant burst of encouragement!   – Sarianna Gregg, Actress, New York 21 novembre 2015


What a wonder! Here, linguistic attention and graphic invention come together at a highly vitalizing level. The book itself was not conceived for teaching but we can’t help imagining how Mark Levinson, the author, will turn this ABC of colorful letters, words and proverbs into another kind of language course. After 24 weeks – one per letter of the alphabet – some of the subtle marvels in everyday English may also become ours. – Anne Sejten & Henrik Reeh, Copenhagen, Denmark”.

€19,95 – contact Mark Levinson at 06 75 12 85 55.

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