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Is that a Fish in your Ear?

How Translation Shapes Our Lives

A book by by David Bellos, translator, biographer and lecturer in Comparative Literature at Princeton University, Is that a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything, published by Penguin Press this month.

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Book Review. Aristotle and the Higher Good: New translation.

Published: July 1, 2011
Some time in the 1920s, the Conservative statesman F. E. Smith — Lord Birkenhead — gave a copy of the “Nicomachean Ethics” to his close friend Winston Churchill. He did so saying there were those who thought this was the greatest book of all time. Churchill returned it some weeks later, saying it was all very interesting, but he had already thought most of it out for himself. But it is the very genius of Aristotle — as it is of every great teacher — to make you think he is uncovering your own thought in his. In Churchill’s case, it is also probable that the classical tradition informed more of his upbringing, at home and at school, than he realized.

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