a walk along the Seine

While A. was walking down to the river from the Mirabeau bridge on this cool May day,

there were a few people getting their morning air

together or alone

Admittedly, there’s less traffic down here … than up there …

but as this one was heading under one of the 22 bridges crossing the Seine, Arnoul was focusing on detail

and shapes and textures

here’s a still life

or perspectives … as he patiently waited for the metro to cross the Bir Hakeim Bridge

which it finally did

sometimes I imagined we were far away

but then, if you  walked just a little further and raised your eyes, you’d see what some architects imagined long before we were born

You know what happened on this bridge? It’s written right here

The links of friendship and solidarity and shared values persist- they were cast in bronze and shared

so that we could walk along the Seine on a Sunday morning and then share these pictures !


Once we’re walked up the stairs

and had a marvelous view from that bridge

Once he got to the other side of the bridge,  Arnoul shot this one

I think he likes this place where cats probably hang out at night.

Then as we walked, we talked about where we were November 22nd, 1963

The Kennedys loved France and France loved the Kennedys.

This is the story of our Sunday morning “Photo Hunt”

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Author: Mark