That ol’ lazy bug …

That ol’ lazy bug …

“Bug” is one of those perfectly English words which first of all conjures up an idea or image of an insect, especially the annoying kind … like a mosquito or a flea. The kind that silently hovers close, lands and bites before you know it. It gets you before you get it.

All kinds of irritating bugs, whether organically alive or digital are flying around. And while we might put on insect repellents to keep some of ’em away, there are those invisible viral bugs which have a mysterious way of pestering us and getting past our usual defensives, catching us on the sly. The ol’ lazy bug is like that. Like a little active demon … making YOU feel lazy.

Yep! That ol’ lazy bug … The one whose symptoms we have probably all known at some time or another. When you want to stay in bed under the warm covers a little bit longer; when you’ve got work to do but find every excuse (the real mean lazy bug makes you think excuses are reasons, by the way) not to do it; when “I’ll do that later” takes the place of “What gets done today doesn’t need to be done tomorrow.”

Well, rest assured that that ol’ lazy bug won’t get the better of you for too long. Because once you KNOW that it’s not YOU – but that little bugger who’s always saying “No” … that’s the true cause of your laziness, you’re already on the way to a complete, energetic recovery.

Unless you feed it through boredom, most of the time, the ol’ lazy bug dies pretty quickly. Gets suffocated by lunch with a good friend. Having a good time. Discovering something new. It hates the music you love, especially if you’re listening through headphones. Detests a sense of humor. Prefers dull colors to bright ones. Can’t stand anything happy, in fact. Or good. Like chocolate. Or chicken soup. Or Zen. Or running, swimming and playing sports. Even games, especially the competitive kind that you like to win.

The other thing the ol’ lazy bug can’t handle is … any sort of challenge or catastrophe! That’s just too much competition … ’cause that ol’ lazy bug feeds on your energy and when you’re needed elsewhere … why, that lazy bug just disappears or flies away lookin’ for another victim. Often cats and dogs, unless there’s a zoo nearby.

So if that lazy bug seems to have gotten under your skin, all you have to do … is open your eyes ’cause it hates light; open your ears ’cause it doesn’t like to hear; and then … open the windows ’cause it can’t stand fresh air and open the doors ’cause it doesn’t want you to go out and … open your heart, cause it’s a selfish little bug! Everything else follows naturally …

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Author: Mark