definition of “delay”

Unlike the French terms “délai” and “délais” which refer to an expected or planned time frame, the English words delay and delayed mean being late.

Here’s an illustration of a ‘less than an hour” delay:

Once announced, it was, in fact, not only on time but … ahead of the ETA!

Savannah, as you can see, was appropriately named:

There are rivers winding in and out and around.

So it’s probably wonderful to have a boat down here.  If you manage to find the time to use it … And if you don’t have a boat, it’s still nice to have a dock on the marshes.

And if you don’t happen to have your own private dock … you’re probably not getting mosquito bites either … but that won’t prevent you from using the one at Lazaretto Creek or at Tybee.

where you can go fishin’ … or crabbin’ … or just make friends and keep an eye open for dolphins …

All you really need is time. So don’t … delay.

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Author: Mark