round numbers and generalties

What do round numbers and generalties have in common?

They’re always false!

And while I’m tempted to say that ‘down’ here in  Savannah everyone’s so nice … it’s probably because we just haven’t encountered the other kind! But kind they are.  And while that may be just the generality we want to avoid … the folk I’ve been meeting are hard-working, upstanding friendly souls … the kind Woody Guthrie could have sung about.

Yesterday, I met Lem for the first time. He comes from Darlington, South Carolina. A fine man, finer you’d probably not find: Stephanie said she didn’t take the first one that came along, and not the second or third either…. She waited for the best.  And they make a mighty fine couple.

Lem says there are about 6500 people in Darlington and that they’re good folk.

France, too, has lots and lots of real good folk.  Just got to get to know ’em.

Sit down to table. Share a few dozen oysters with a Muscadet or a “pot au feu” and a simple red wine and you’ll … start to get to know each other. Not just the appearances but what you’ve got in common … rather than what separates you.

And that involves one of the best qualites we can have:  knowin’ how to listen … and knowin’ when to talk.

And that ain’t no generality.  Just the plain simple truth.

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Author: Mark