Buttons … 2000 years of them!

Sculpture … painting … photographs … artifacts … furniture and  fashion all find their way into museums and exhibits.

Mona Bismarck was a countess who created a Foundation in her Parisian mansion located on the Avenue de New York.  And right now, there is a very off-the-beaten-track exhibit entitled “Buttons: an artistic phenomenon, historical and cultural.” Hats off to Loïc Allio, collector and artist whose passion is shared by artists and historians … and who will delight you with his stories … in English or in French.

You are the Countess’ guest. No admission charge.

Inside …

there are thousands of these. All shapes, sizes, colors, materials, designs, ages.

dating from ancient history to modern fashion design. A must.

Buttoning and unbuttoning: a subject for another day!

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Author: Mark