Favoritz: Chaumont s/Loire

Do you know this extraordinary place?

Not only is it a landmark historical site having been home to Diane de Poitiers, it is also home to one of Europe’s most remarkable schools of artistic landscaping as well as the International Festival of Gardens. Every year it features creations from landscape artists from all over the world.

Here are four photos I took last summer.

… the Domaine of Chaumont s/Loire

Two hours and a few minutes from Paris if the weather’s fair




Body and Soul.

This year’s theme is “Body and Soul.”

Why do we need to discover?

… do we need to open our eyes?

vision and sight

… do we need to listen?

hearing and listening

… worlds away …

creation / expression



of artistic creation






… the Royal … address?

The king’s signature?








the valley

is there

for those


to explore


For more photos and all the info … here’s a link to the Domaine.

My suggestion: Plan your day … and include lunch at the Grand Velum.

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Author: Mark