Newsletter May 14, 2010

A newsletter is both letter and news. This comes in part from a taste for writing letters which I inherited from my father’s elder sister, Dorothy who was the very best letter writer I’ve ever known. I was exceedingly lucky to have her as an aunt. This was long before email. Her letters were handwritten and were usually one page long.

She was the letter writer in the family. Her husband, my Uncle Harold never wrote. Instead, he communicated with the world by telling stories, many of which he invented and all of which made us laugh, smile … or blush.

Dorothy’s handwriting was extraordinarily beautiful to see – as was my father’s, by the way. Aunt Dorothy filled evety inch on the blue “aerogram” with news of family, friends, events. She would always end a letter with a question which was, of course, an invitation for a reply.

And most of the time, I did answer. But there was a time when I must have been “too busy” to answer. I received one letter, then another and a third. At the end of the third letter, there was no question. But there was one word written in someone else’s handwriting. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was Uncle Harold’s. You know what that one word was?


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Author: Mark