Newsletter: May 4, 2010

I hope yesterday’s pix and story about incomprehensible signs didn’t offend anyone. Everyone knows that Parisians don’t pay any attention to those signs anyway and tourists and foreigners don’t bother as there are so many of them … that in the end, well, the bottom line, so to speak, is … just watch where you’re going. Follow the old 3: Stop. Look. Listen.

I’ve been thinking about a few of the recent  NATURAL disasters: Katrina, the Icelandic Volcano eruption, eathquakes, tornados, hurricanes and tidal waves. All of these lead me to suggest to my daughter L. that she go for an “S” (Sciences) diploma because there’s probably a real future in figuring out how the earth works … and then there are all the environmental issues and questions of sustainability.

But natural disasters are only half of the equation. The other half are miracles. Why do I say this? What do they have in common?

They do have one thing in common: their unpredictability.

Despite Murphy’s law and a general tendency toward narrow-mindedness … you’ll find a little natural optimism in …  The Paris Savannah Connection.

Hope you enjoy it … and even if we can’t do anything about natural disasters … maybe it’s about time we ought to stop shooting ourselves in the feet …

Keep smiling,

And thank you for reading … The Paris Savannah Connection.


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Author: Mark