Vitamin L+ as in “Les Paul”

Vitamine L+:

as in Listen … Love to Listen … Love to Listen & Learn

We’re so incredibly fortunate to have inherited constitutions which guarantee Free Speech. And broadband access to the Internet has given us access to sources and media hitherto relatively unavailable.

If you happen to be stuck in Paris or Savannah with nothin’ to do … why not listen to the media you’re not used to …. why not the BBC ? … or the FT? or the NYT?  There are interviews and documentaries, often brilliant, rather short and very sweet:

Les Paul was a virtuoso guitarist and inventor whose solid-body electric guitar changed the course of 20th-century music. 

Listen to NYT’s “The Last Word”  with Les Paul … Produced by Matthew Orr.


Whether you’re interested in business, technology, the environment, science, the arts or real estate or fashion or sports … You’ll love to listen. If you need a little Vitamin L … subscribe to the Paris Savannah Connection.

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Author: Mark