Paris: Nature Capital?

For three days, the Champs Elysées has become an outdoor ‘nature’ gallery. How strange to see all these visitors – trees, wheat, tomato vines – even sheep and 4 cows – set up as exhibits.

The weather was perfect. Here are a few snapshots.

This is what I could see ahead. Green.

(Savannah goes Green on St. Patrick’s Day.)

There were all sorts of people: young, very young, and even younger.

And speaking of cross-cultural … I mean, cosmopolitan!

Speaking of age, I believe that’s young lavender. From what I read, all the plants and trees were for sale and if bought for a charity, were tax deductible.

I good way to clean up!

just 1/400 th of a second !

Lots of people so if you go … you’d better follow this proverb:

“The early bird gets the worm.”

PS: The sheep were protected from the crowds.But I’m not so sure they felt so safe …

Here they are:

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Author: Mark