Public Speaking

Helping you feel at ease speaking in front of an audience is my job. Transforming the “stage fright” into the joy of communicating … this might be our goal!

As an accomplished specialist in your field, your job is to communicate your research, your thoughts, your progress or your solutions.

Whether you are participating in a round table, a poster session or speaking to an audience of 10, 20, 50, a hundred or several hundred, speaking in public is no simple task. And in a foreign language it’s an even bigger challenge.  With or without Powerpoint.

Getting ready for a presentation, rehearsing it, elaborating the potential and/or probable questions that follow during a question and answer period is essential.

Our mission: getting you re-invited to the next one!

Program: Private coaching by appointment (including online) or workshops when scheduled.
For more information, please send Mark Levinson a message explaining your specific needs.

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