Newsletter: July 9, 2010

Good news!

Isn’t that what we live for? When things finally happen for the best? When hopes and dreams come true … and not just by good luck.

Like health:

  • all systems are working the way they’re supposed to … or you’re getting better … feeling better … getting some exercise … and you’re not such a great client at the pharmacist’s;

Like … achievement:

  • being successful; meeting your goals; getting accepted to the school you were hoping for;

Like money:

  • finding out you’ve got a promotion, a bonus, new revenue, new contracts, your investments are on the rise;

Like love:

  • you are on the same wavelength as … your other half …. or at least going in the right direction! And the future is full of promise;

Like friendship:

  • someone can count on you as much as you can count on them

Like encounters

  • full of potential.

Add to these a background, however chaotic like the sea, that allows you the freedom to do, to believe, to say

and … with one little smile, there you are, you’ve got a good-news day!

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Author: Mark