“ance” and “ence” spelling

I made a huge spelling mistake in yesterday’s  newsletter as well as an obvious typo of the word “thirteen.”  Sherry B., a Savannah gal,  quickly pointed them out. Thanks, Sherry!

Independence: this is the correct spelling in English. Likewise : independent.

Indépendance: this is the French word. Et aussi: indépendant.

In both cases, the notions are the same: without being dependent (in French dépendant).

It’s no surprise that this concept is linked to both America and France. Isn’t “independence” linked to the concepts of  “freedom” and “liberty?”

Associated concepts might include : free thinking; emancipation; non-conformity; autonomy … More?  Add them please!

Maybe the gift of the “Statue of Liberty” was like so many gifts … One reflecting the giver as much as the receiver?

The Declaration of Independence.  Asserting one’s freedom.

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Author: Mark