Newletter July 2, 2010

Too much! In French, “C’est trop!”

What more can you express with just this short exclamation?! This is one we hear everyday all around the world because it’s so true every day! I can’t believe it!

How much? Too much!

How far? Too far!

Are you kidding me?  C’est trop beau. Beyond expectations. Beyond what I ever imagined.

How beautiful? Too beautiful for words.

“Let’s go to  …”

Too expensive … too far … too new … too old … too cold … too fast … too slow … too good …

What’s the difference between the French and Americans?

The conservative French often say “C’est trop …tard…”  And daring Americans … “It’s never too ….late.”

And can’t we all say to someone: “Nothing’s too good for you.”

Of course, some days, on either side of the pond … it really is “Too Darn Hot.”

And that’s just what Ella Fitzgerald is singing on today’s Paris Savannah Connection.

Enjoy it!

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Author: Mark