Newsletter : June 30, 2010

My father used to say “A word to the wise is sufficient.”

And the French word “prévenant” came to mind. It’s a caring word which means thinking about others. I don’t know to what extent it applies to the animal world but it certainly does apply to humans.

It is one of those universal concepts which requires heart and mind and action selflessly. Maybe in that order. It’s neither altogether altruistic nor idealist. It can be practical as it can be simply an expression of tenderness or care.

It can be individual and it can be social. In some cases, it has to do with protection from potential harm. In others, it can be understanding and acting as an act of consideration, certainly of respect for others.

It is welcoming. More than good manners, it is … unexpected.

It is thoughtful. It’s imagining ourselves in the place of someone else. Without anyone’s asking for anything. Being thoughtful, it requires time, maybe maturity, maybe soul.

it is hospitality.

A beautiful idea: être prévenant(e).

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Author: Mark