Newsletter May 28, 2010

Last week we had some pretty hot weather here. There’s an optimistic saying in French which says “Après la pluie, le beau temps.” Since Tuesday, someone re-wrote it this way: Après le beau temps, la pluie!” 

Both rain and sunshine are essential for beautiful landscapes. Both are essential for balance. We’d never appreciate the one without the other.

No matter how mysterious life may seem to be, few of us doubt the scientific principle of cause and effect. My taste for discovering unusually beautiful places in the country is certainly due to a specific cause. As a child, I had the extraordinary luck to have an Uncle Harold who had a passion for four things: (i) nice comfortable cars (ii) discovering off the beaten path places to visit (iii) good restaurants … and (iv) artistic nudes. Sounds like Uncle Harold could have been French, doesn’t it?

There’s a post today on a place to discover. Chaumont s/Loire. You’ll find four photos and a couple dozen words as well as a link to the Domaine. Take a minute to glance at it. I don’t think you’ll regret it. In Uncle Harold’s tradition. May he rest in peace.

Uncle Harold was a man of modest means. In order to finance such excursions, he worked every day in his small business of selling wines and liquors.

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