Newsletter May 25, 2010

Summer came. Summer came to Paris these past couple of days where temperatures must have reached 30° (C) which translates as 86° (F). In the city if feels hotter. It felt like Savannah heat! Though the sultry humidity wasn’t there.

News from Savannah is that the temperature of the water at the beach is about 27°C and that outdoors it could hit 32°. How much is that in Fahrenheit? I wonder what the weather’s like in Toulouse today. And what’s it like on the sandy French Atlantic coast … The Ile de Ré, for instance? Or in Brittany?

There are those of us who love warm weather … and those who appreciate the cool.

Are you like lizards that enjoy basking, baking in the sun?

Or are you among those who prefer the shade, the gardens. Sitting under a leafy tree?

Well, either way, enjoy it! But use your sunscreen and hats when you’re out.

On today’s Paris Savannah Connection, learn how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit … and Fahrenheit to Celsius.

There’s an old mental trick to “warm up” or “cool down.” Sitting down, close your eyes and meditate on YOUR ideal temperature.  Put yourself in YOUR ideal environment. Then come back to reality and enjoy it!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, May 25th!

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Author: Mark