Newsletter: May 10, 2010

The forecast here in the Paris area was for a weekend of rain. And we didn’t get any at all! It was actually quite nice.

But let’s not be disappointed. Maybe we’ll get some later this week! There are lots of good things about Spring rain, not the least of which is that when it’s over, we’re so grateful to bask in the sun again.

Forecasting the weather has always been tricky business. And pretty safe business too because we all know that … it’s only a forecast and that whoever REALLY claims to tell the immediate future is quite like the fortune teller or the astrologist…though I do remember an old man who could predict the weather quite accurately by observing a frog. His margin of error could be measured in minutes, especially when the dark clouds were visible. A Frenchman by the name of Charles who lived in a tiny hamlet in the hills of the Massif Central in the Limousin region of France.

This being said, I’ve planned a few new posts to entertain you with this week. Today’s top post is sincere: It’s a first few words about saying “Thank you.”

But also … over the weekend, I added a new category: Favoritz. If you have a favorite place and would like to share it with the others who read The Paris Savannah Connection, just send me a few words. Everyone will be grateful. And some may even thank you. As long as it’s postable, we’ll post it!

Have a good week,

And thanks … a million for sharing in The Paris Savannah Connection !


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Author: Mark