Newsletter: May 6, 2010

Remember TGIF? Today’s the day. Every day, somehow, is a special day. Every day is unique. Today’s May 7th. Your birthday?  An Anniversary? A happy day or a day of remembrance …

There’s a time for everything. A time for work. A time for play. So today … how about a time for some poetry?

Like this silly rhyme written for kids by Shel Silverstein in a book he published called Where the Sidewalk Ends :

Ridiculous Rose

Her mama said “Don’t eat with your fingers.”

“OK,” said Ridiculous Rose

So she ate with her toes.

Why don’t you try writing – or drawing – something today. Anything. You’ve got a heart – and that does rhyme – with … art. “And there ain’t a man alive ain’t got a heart!” ((Oh dear, I can see all those serious English teachers just closing their eyes at this …))

That “ain’t” made me think of something … A song … A fun and beautiful and powerful song from George and Ira Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. You probably know one song from that folk opera: Summertime. One of the other masterpieces is … It ain’t necessarily so. And while the only credit I can take is finding this for you, it’s a real find. Enjoy.

And thanks for opening …

The Paris Savannah Connection.

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Author: Mark