Concept map for “achievement”

This document allowed me to enumerate, elaborate and visualize how the (my) brain sees this idea. What I associate with the idea of achievement. As you’ll see there are two poles: success and failure, one positive and one negative.


  1. success
  2. to succeed
  3. to win
  4. antonym= to lose/lost
  1. won
  2. victory
    1. antonyms:  defeat  to give up – to surrender – to abandon
  1. successful
  2. profitable
  3. satisfaction 
    1. antonyms  – failure – to fail
    2. unsuccessful
    3. unprofitable
    4. dissatisfaction/ insatisfaction

III.      to achieve

  1. to attain


  1. finished

antonyms: incomplete

  1. unfinished





It may well be that different cultures, different backgrounds see this differently. To each his own!

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Author: Mark