Letter from Tom Byrne

Just got this letter from Tom … Enjoy.

Welcome to Paris in the autumn. There’s a chill in the air and the light is slightly more orange. I love the colours and changes which this time of year brings. It’s all too brief but it’s also a charming time to paint outdoors.For art treasure hunters, Paris is teeming at the moment. The portes ouvert of Montreuil are this weekend. I went to see some ateliers last night and it’s extremely interesting when you know where to go.Next weekend is the Fiac. The contemporary art fair which is spread around Paris but which is centred in the Grand palais. Naturally, a great many other things happen around that. So there will be very many art visitors in Paris for these events. Some other art exhibitions which happen around the FIAC are listed below.While you are in Paris, you could visit the DDG gallery. Here you will find more classical paintings of great quality. Some of the best landscape and urban painters in France, contained in a gallery on the ile Saint Louis. If you mention this newsletter you will have a 5% reduction on any art that you purchase there.I will be at the gallery from Tuesday to Wednesday this week.
All the best to you
Tom J. Byrne



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