A note from Tybee

Freda put this in her newsletter this evening … and I wanted to share it with all of you.

May he rest in peace.

i do not know if you knew Thomas Gilyard or not. He was the older black man that lived on the corner of wilson and naylor. He was usually seen walking early in the mornings from the north end to the south and back.
Thomas Passed working in his yard this past weekend. I was wanting to see if you would send out his funeral arrangements to your e-mail list around the island.

His service is at Stiney fumeral home in Hardeville South carolina at 11:00 saturday. He will be buried in hardeville as well.
I feel sure that there are people on the island that would like to know about his passing and services.
The man was part of Tybee’s culture and color. If he saw someone working in their yards and looked as though they were tired or struggling a bit he would stop and help and refuse any kind of tender in most cases and would show back up many times more to help that person if he could.
He will be missed by many of us here on the island!
Thanks for doing this if you would.

Mike Hosti
Tybee Market Iga Inc.
p.o. box 127
1111 Butler ave.
Tybee Island,Ga. 31328
(912) 786-4601

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