Newsletter: May 3, 2010

Now that the schools are back in session and students resist temptations as they get ready for their final exams; now that the chestnut trees are in bloom and gardens are flourishing; now that you can sit outside or rush in from a sudden shower; now that we’re making plans  or dreaming about them for the coming weeks and months …

Now’s the time, too, to read and to contribute photos, anecdotes or art work you’d like to share with the others on … The Paris Savannah Connection !

Today’s post was inspired by a little “sign,” an unsigned sign … Let’s just call it a Parisian picture story … Photos taken … on May 1st, 2010.

Hope you enjoy it … now that you’ve got your umbrellas out and are happy about those warm clothes you hadn’t put away just yet …

Keep smiling,

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