Albert Kahn Gardens – Paris / Boulogne

One of the ways Albert Kahn used the money he earned as a banker (until the crash of 1929) was to create a multifacetted garden reflecting the worlds he knew and wanted to share. This garden – and the museum which houses one of the world’s most extraordinary collections of photographs is located in Boulogne near the Pont (not Porte, svp) de St. Cloud in Boulogne, about half an hour’s metro ride from the center of Paris. Or a nice bicycle ride.

The cherry trees are all in bloom now. If you can,  come for a visit ! Le Musée Albert Kahn

Right now there is an exhibit devoted to the first colour photographs of Brittany  using the Lumière Brothers revolutionary patented technology technique called “Autochrome”.  It is remarkable.  Free on the first Sunday of every month. Enjoy!

From April through June and in September, on Tuesdays and Sundays, a Tea Master trained at the Urasenke School of Kyoto offers an initiation into the Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Japanese Garden.

Reservations  : 01 55 19 28 00.

>> Discover the Japanese Village

© CG92/Musée Albert-Kahn/Philippe PLANCHON

Le Musée Albert Kahn

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